Call for Demo Fair

On Tuesday October 9th the 4th Fed4FIRE+ Engineering conference (FEC4) will host its traditional demo fair with demos of experiments which ran on the federated Fed4FIRE+ testbeds as well as some extra demos from testbeds themselves showcasing new opportunities.
This is a unique opportunity for participants to learn from users about the capability of the Fed4FIRE+ infrastructure and to experimenters to present their work and products. The demo fair and the FEC in general is a place where participants find the opportunity to network with peers and to set up new collaborations on the development of creative solutions.

All open call participants will show live the current status of their own experiments, product or tool improvements, scientific outcome based on testbed experiments,… and testbeds will demonstrate new possibilities and new testbed extensions.
In addition, there will also be a prize award for the best experiment, selected by voting by all participants.

Do you want to participate? Register your demo by sending us the following details at

  1. Title of the demo/showcase
  2. Contact person: Name, organisation, email
  3. Purpose of demonstration (10-15 lines)
  4. Link to additional information (URL)

The following demos are already registered:



  • Firerabbit a one-stop-shop – coordinated by TU Berlin and Fraunhofer FOKUS


  • CLONE – Tara Hill National Park Teo
  • COMFORT-APP – WINGS ICT Solutions Ltd.
  • PERCCEVAL – Nemergent Solutions SL
  • F4F-LWA – Athens Technology Center S.A. (ATC)
  • Crowdbeamer – RORYCO NV
  • FIVE – Feron Technologies P.C.
  • SODA – University of Montenegro
  • MAGIC – AOIFE Solutions S.L. (GALGUS)
  • IntelligentNFVscaler – Modio
  • ERASER – Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)
  • DataTwin – Nissatech
  • PiAS – Televic Rail



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